Who We Are – The PolkaDot Boutique

Who We Are

Hey babe!

    Welcome to The Polka Dot Boutique. We're so glad to have you here! We are a small, family owned contemporary women's boutique (and by we, I mean mostly just me), based in North San Diego, CA.  


    I'm a beach loving Cali girl, fashionista at heart, lover of all things comfort, book reading, gold loving mama. I launched The Polka Dot Boutique in 2015, four months after my third child was born, because who doesn't need more on their plate postpartum (oh yeah, did I mention we homeschool too?). The need for adult conversation and deep desire to regain my identity after 3 kids was strong and through this journey, I found a community of women who were also looking for the same thing. 

    Here at The Polka Dot Boutique, we firmly believe in YOU. Clothing should be an uncomplicated expression of who we are and hope to be. Let us clothe you in specially curated pieces that express your cozy + effortless style, so you can focus on doing what you do best - being YOU.

    Remember how magical playing dressing up was? That feeling of endless possibilities? Who says we have to outgrow this? Go ahead, slip on that fab outfit and rock your day - you’ve got this babe!